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Our Values

Our values guide our business to make the best decisions at an executive level and form the basis of the business culture we foster within Ginyard Petroleum.

Professional, knowledgeable, committed, entrepreneurial, compliant, resourceful, high standards, subject matter experts, credible, niche.
Customer-focused, accountable, ownership, integrity, trustworthy, hardworking, transparent, flexible, respectful, careful, thoughtful, honest, business-to-business, reflective, and communicative.
Innovative, proud of personal achievements and contribution to the business, business-focused, commercial, positive, time-sensitive.
Friendly, welcoming, supportive, family, willing to help each other, teamwork, fun and enjoyable, collaboration, lead by example, treat others as you wish to be treated, compassionate, considerate, allow people to grow, accept and learn from mistakes, loyalty, co-operation.
TenacityDriven, thorough, more assertive, competitive, striving for excellence, purposeful, focused, structured, proactive, forward-thinking, speak up, motivated, persistent, solutions-focused, delivery is key, successful, disciplined.